Software & Hardware

The i-Marina software and i-Marina hardware can optimize your marina management.
i-Marina allows you to automate your marina facilities.

Easy Implementation

With i-Marina Hardware the IOT (Internet of Things) comes to your Marina. The i-Marina Software is SAAS (Software as a Service).

User Friendly

Both systems are developed with and by Marina owners and operators. The system is designed to have minimum user input to work fast.

Cost Saving

By automating invoicing, power usage, payments
i-Marina can save time and money. Your focus can be on the marina we will take care of the rest!

about i-Marina

Hardware module

The i-Marina Hardware module with user software for retrofitting existing electricity pedestals to become Internet Of Things.

Allowing centralized on-off control of each individual outlet present on the marina's pedestals as well as readout of the individual energy consumptions. By laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Allowing individual on-off control of a berth’s outlet by the boat owner through the optional app ON-OFF.Mobi www.on-off.mobi

i-Marina Hardware module

i-Marina features

Arabel and Sudum the developers of i-Marina are proud to show you a couple of our features.


The key to our success is support, we deliver a solution rather than a product. Our proven track record with our clients confirms this!


Our service is 24/7 available through our cloud-service. The software automatically makes reports and activates scheduled turn [on] or [off] commands.


Access your marina management from your desktop, tablet of mobile phone. Always access to relevant data and insights.


The hardware module gives you the power to; turn [on] / [off] the pedestal outputs, report the usage / status / temperature.


The hardware module can be fitted in every pedestal. Upgrading your marina was never so easy before!


Spend less time in and make no more error's in invoicing energy consumption by your clients. Be able to monitor your total consumption by a single click.

i-Marina in action

The images of the hardware and screenshots of the software will give you an impression of
the i-Marina Software and i-Marina Hardware in action.

WSV Texel
Yacht @ Cadzand-bad
Recreatiehaven Schagen
WSV Goeree

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